My first blog is now live! I had thought many times about starting one but I never felt right about it. Was it just about the time commitment, or nothing interesting to say? I realy don't know.

Eleanor Roosvelt - Do one thing everyday that scares you

Yeah, it is a bit scary. At least from my perspective. Will I be able to keep it up, what if I have a writer's block, do I have anything interesting to share at all? Those questions are instantly popping up when I think about bloging. It should not be that bad, given I already had a lot of fun setting up the blog on Google Cloud Engine and customizing the design. Not to mention inventing the name of the blog and idea behind it.


The inspiration for the blog is my colleague from the team I work with. He delivers on a steady basis an article about Python programming. Thanks Krzysztof!

Happy with the content?