My big passion is creating products. It was not until 2013 that I came to discover it, when I joined a very successful start-up, which was heading towards expansion to Asian markets and looking for a trader (i.e. someone who buys/sells financial instruments in order to profit), willing to learn new tricks.

It was not all planed ahead. In fact all this came as a huge strike of luck or perhaps the better wording is Serendipidity. I was in the right place, met the right people, had the knowledge and skillset and was given an opportunity to head an amazing product and develop it further.

Learning on the job, how to be a Product Manager I was taught many lessons. Now and then I asked my self "How to Create Product Customers Love?". It seems, there is a Product Guy with over 30 years of experience in this area, who pondered the same question in his book and just recently in his worldwide workshops. His name is Marty Cagan.

The Book


This one deserves a separate blog post. If you are passionate like me about the product, you need to read this book. It is a compilation of essays from Marty's blog @ Silicon Valley Product Group website.

Workshop In London

As soon as I realized that the next workshop is scheduled for late September in London, I decided that I have to be there and check out the latest and greatest tips and tricks from the world of Product Management. I even managed to convince a client (Senior Product Manager and Head of Product) I worked with, to join the event with me.



Three Biggest Takeaways

  • It is about Product Discovery & Product Delivery (not building & delivering software)! Software is just a means to an end and not the final goal. Yet, there are many companies, which focus just on that: how to deliver as many pieces of software in a period of time. The focus is on output not outcome, and this is where it all fails.
  • Prototype as a specification! Picture is worth a thousand words and when we take UI interactions into account probably even more. Why not forget lengthy acceptance criteria and provide a prototype via Marvel, InVision App or even Axure. This approach will make many questions obsolete and it will be easier for the Development Team to build an understanding what needs to be done.
  • Create Earlyvangelists or die trying! This one is particularly interesting. In order to create great products, you need to find a small group of clients, which will be helping you to create a useful product, while paying you from the very beginning.


The workshop has been attended by a huge number of Product Managers from around the world. I did not count them all but there were approx. 60-70 present. I have seen guys from Zalando, Tesco, Lebara, The Independent & BBC to name just a few. Therefore the event is a great opportunity for networking and learning from the more experienced colleagues. I highly recommend it.

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