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I got interviewed by Vasco Duarte!

You probably know me a little bit already, but who is actually Vasco Duarte you might ask? I did not know Vasco until September of 2015. At that time I wanted to go for a conference to learn, meet new people and grow. There were only a couple of places I could choose with my limited training budget. Prague was close to my heart and an obvious choice. I lived in Prague for more than a year and still feel that the city is... no, no, not my second home but in fact home. I was hired by a Scandinavian investment bank (yeah, I am a strange Agile Ninja) and moved there just after wedding with my wife. A great honeymoon indeed. But, I digress :) Of

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Getting Started

My first blog is now live! I had thought many times about starting one but I never felt right about it. Was it just about the time commitment, or nothing interesting to say? I realy don't know. Eleanor Roosvelt - Do one thing everyday that scares you Yeah, it is a bit scary. At least from my perspective. Will I be able to keep it up, what if I have a writer's block, do I have anything interesting to share at all? Those questions are instantly popping up when I think about bloging. It should not be that bad, given I already had a lot of fun setting up the blog on Google Cloud Engine and customizing the design. Not to mention inventing the name of

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