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Design Sprints

What are Design Sprints? I did not know that, either.  Until I read the book Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five day by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures (GV). By the way, if you happen to know me, please send me an email request and you will get one (yeah, it is 100% legal). Still, to know something and do something these are completely two different skill sets. I knew that in order to grasp the whole idea I would need to participate in one. There it was, I was looking at a great opportunity, the workshop's agenda for Mind The Product conference in London. C. Todd Lombardo, one of the co-authors of "Design Sprint" book, was organizing a

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How to Create Products Customers Love?

My big passion is creating products. It was not until 2013 that I came to discover it, when I joined a very successful start-up, which was heading towards expansion to Asian markets and looking for a trader (i.e. someone who buys/sells financial instruments in order to profit), willing to learn new tricks. It was not all planed ahead. In fact all this came as a huge strike of luck or perhaps the better wording is Serendipidity. I was in the right place, met the right people, had the knowledge and skillset and was given an opportunity to head an amazing product and develop it further. Learning on the job, how to be a Product Manager I was taught many lessons. Now and then I

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